Counseling, Coaching - What's the difference?

A Google search for 'life coach' today will yield millions of 'hits.' Coaching is a growing and almost completely un-regulated field in which anyone can offer their services with no standards for education, training, experience or competence. 

At Talking Possibilities, we are qualified therapists who have Masters-level education and experience in providing psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, children, and adults. Based on each client's needs and preferences, we apply our expertise in different ways. Here is a brief breakdown of the differences between counseling and coaching.


The Problem



You are struggling with problems that are affecting your emotions, relationships, or experience of life.

A relationship isn’t working the way you’d like and you are both ready to make a change.

Life Coaching

You have a specific project or area of your life you want support in moving forward.

You feel "stuck." You have an idea of what you want to do but can't seem to make it happen. You are unclear about what steps to take and how to live the life you envision.

The Solution You are supported to explore your problem, become more aware of your feelings or reactions to things--the way the problem affects your life, and find new ways to minimize the impact of the problem in your life. We work together to clarify your goals--where you want to go, identify the steps you need to take to get there, and understand what is keeping you from taking those steps. We then develop strategies to overcome those barriers and practice skills to help you take the steps you need to take.





Together, we will set up our work based on your specific goals and challenges, taking a coaching or counseling approach or even a combination. What matters most is that whatever we do is as helpful as it can be, as quickly as possible.