Making Transitions

Whether making a career change, planning for a commitment or wedding, negotiating a separation or divorce, or preparing to send a child off to college, changes can be stressful. I work with individuals, couples, and families to help them make intentional decisions and learn new skills to help make these transitions easier and more meaningful for everyone.

Career Change: Are you facing an unexpected job loss or shift? Are you a creative person ready to make a living at your passion?Whether you've just been laid off or are actively seeking to create the career you've always wanted, I am here to help.

New or Renewed Commitment: Taking steps to make your relationship more "official" or to re-shape a long-standing partnership can be a time of anxiety. It can also be a time of excitement and possibility. I work with couples and families to explore and take steps toward their hopes and dreams. 

Welcoming a new child into the family: Having or adopting a child can be one of the most exciting changes in one's life. It can also be the most terrifying, challenging, and stressful. I support parents in preparing to welcome a child into the family, coping with their and their older children's reactions to the new child, and coming together as a couple and/or family.

Splitting up well: While the end of a relationship is often a huge loss, it can also be a positive transition for a couple. Even a breakup can be done with intention, compassion, and good humor. Especially when children are involved, it can be a great advantage to develop a common understanding and improved ways of communicating. When both people are ready, I can work with them to find a place that honors the life that has been shared and makes space for supportive ongoing connection.


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