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Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, this page will give you a little sense of whether you might feel comfortable talking with me. If you like what you see here, you can request a free, brief phone consultation to talk about what you are wanting to work toward and how I might help.

I have been very fortunate to support people dealing with a broad range of issues--from day-to-day worries and common mental health problems to severe trauma. My counseling career started in 1993 on a national hotline for kids involved in prostitution. Since then, I have worked with a range of populations including people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault and violent crime, gay men in the process of coming out, children, senior citizens, and survivors of war crimes.

I have also worked with ordinary people struggling with more typical concerns such as depression, anxiety, career changes, and relationship issues. I honor each person's experience and am honored that so many have chosen to share their stories and journeys with me.

I live with my son in the Los Feliz area, which I love because it is one of the few neighborhoods in Los Angeles where it is generally possible to walk or take public transportation to whatever we need. I do own a car. I enjoy spending time with friends, eating good food, reading, hiking and seeing the occasional movie.
I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2001. You can verify my license (number MFC38179) California Board of Behavioral Science's website.

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